An overview of key projects, outputs and events.
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Art Night Dundee (2023)

Working with artists to develop and deliver 5 of the major commissions for Art Night Dundee: Emma Hart's BIG UP at Greenmarket Car Park; Saoirse Amira Anis' breach of a fraying body at DCA, RSS Discovery, Dundee Waterfront and HMS Unicorn; Tai Shani's My Bodily Remains at The Little Theatre; Inefficient Solutions' The Hi-Visit at GENERATORprojects; Nabihah Iqbal's SONIC VOYAGES at RRS Discovery and The Arctic Bar.
Only the Fragile Survive
Essay in chapbook, commissioned by Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA) as part of Saoirse Amira Anis’s solo exhibition symphony for a fraying body (2023)

An essay thinking about collectivity, care, and forms of non-hierarchical organisation in the arts, but also about bodies, pain, anger, and a marine biologist I once came across on the internet, who I am now strangely and permanently infatuated with.
Wooosh Gallery (2023)
Commissioned by Art Night as part of the Inwith programme for Art Night Dundee.

"To celebrate Dundee City Council’s recent rebranding of Miller’s Wynd "Car Park" to Miller’s Wynd "Park", Wooosh are proud to present the world’s first WOOOSH FLOWER SHOW! As the exciting centrepiece of this already very exciting event, Wooosh have brought together Dundee’s fierce array of community gardens to battle it out, head-to-head, in the WOOOSH FLOWER SHOWDOWN! Catch the competing entries being paraded in barrows from community gardens near and far, coming together in Wooosh’s car park home to face the judgement of the rigorous and discerning Wooosh Gallery team." 
Saoirse Amira Anis: for no other reason than joy
Exhibition text, commissioned by CAMPLE LINE (2022)

Exhibition text, written in-situ while assisting Anis in installing the her solo presentation at CAMPLE LINE. The writing plots coordinates and touch points in Saoirse's thinking and process, while considering and foregrounding the role of friendship, joy and intimacy in relating-to and engaging-with an artists' work.
Arms Open, Bellies Full
Exhibition/publication launch at The Museum of Loss and Renewal (2022)
Collaborative exhibition and publication, delivered on residency at The Museum of Loss and Renewal in Collemacchia, Italy. With contributions from Laura McSorley, Rhona Jack, Kaya Fraser, Carol Armstrong, Katherine Allan, Saoirse Amira Anis & Jamie Donald - the GENERATORprojects committee of 2019-2022, but equally artists, writers, cooks, and friends in their own right. My contributions included a series of writings, thinking through issues of discord and harmony in collaboration and articulation. The published texts function as both a document of the residency period and a personal therapeutic strategy, confronting inhibitions of both the voice and of writing.
5 Steps to Success
Wooosh Gallery, for In-Session FKA Gradjob and GENERATORprojects (2021-22)

Workshops on DIY practice and professionalism in the arts, wherein Wooosh Gallery get badly dressed up as representatives of a major funding body from an alien planet, with participants attempting to secure funding through both dynamic pitching approaches and bribery.
Wooosh Gallery (2021)
Featuring DJCAD Fine Art/APCP graduating class of 2021.
A distinctly ad-hoc, but nonetheless public-facing degree show organised by Wooosh Gallery to support and celebrate the graduates of 2021, whose education and art school experience was disrupted by the COVID-19 lockdowns of 2020-2021. Featuring balloons, a large number of ceremonial handshakes, and a 'buy the prize you'd most like to see on your CV' auction.
GENERATORprojects (2021)
Featuring: Maria Tolia, Mhairi Brown, Melina Doumy, Madeleine Wood & Joanna Migut.
Developed over a year coloured distinctly by confinement and self-preservation, many of the works in the show demonstrated the means of coping offered by the usually solitary act of drawing. Presented together, a companionship or resonance of thought emerged: ideas of interiority and exteriority; dreamlike narratives and expansions of subconscious worlds; ambiguous shifts between reality and imagination, and soft tumbles into the vastness of hibernation and slumber. Five early-career artists formed a consonant cluster in this show of newly commissioned work, touching on themes of anxiety and isolation, memory and dreams, monsters and magic. Mmmmm set out to amplify the intimate murmurs of drawing-based practices.
A Quest That's Just Begun
Wooosh Gallery X GENERATORprojects (2020)

Featuring: Tayo Adekunle, Nat Akinyi, Jacqueline Briggs, Yasmin Davidson, Ahmad Deeni, Harvey Dimond, Joy Gansh, Shona Inatimi, Sekai Machache, Holly Mason, Leighton Mcintosh, Mpilo Mseleku, Nkem Okwechime, Thulani Rachia, Zoë Zo, Zoë Tumika & Zoë Guthrie and Nicola Wiltshire.
A collaborative project between Saoirse Amira Anis - at the time a committee member at GENERATORprojects - and myself and my Wooosh collaborators Finlay Hall and Jek McAllister, making use of Wooosh's outdoor/public context while indoor programming was not possible due to the COVID-19 lockdown. The exhibition exclusively showcased Black artists based in Dundee and wider Scotland, in hope that the event would mark the first step towards implementing an appropriate system of care for Black creatives at GENERATORprojects.
GENERATORprojects (2020)
An art writing commissioning series that I led on and served as editor for while on the committee of artist-led space GENERATORprojects. Conceived in response to the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 in lieu of in-person exhibition programming, through call+response we published wide-ranging and experimental texts by emerging/early career artists, writers and poets from across Scotland. 
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