Wooosh Gallery is an ongoing collaborative project based in the Miller's Wynd Carpark, Dundee, Scotland. (Opposite the Orwell).
Wooosh Gallery aims to satirize and combat the lack of opportunities for recent graduates and emerging artists in Dundee. Since June 2019 it has taken the form of a series of 60+ temporary installations in a public car park on the Perth Road, each time bringing a different artist on board to collaborate/'exhibit' in the gallery.
The events we orchestrate are known as woooshesour collaborators and attendees woooshers. At a wooosh you will generally be introduced to an A4 wall-based work in either our landscape or portrait gallery, which may or may not be accompanied by ephemeral elements such as an artist talk, performance, poetry, spoken word, sculpture, video projections or spontaneous group activities. Tinnies are always welcome.
As Wooosh Gallery we are trying to find ways to make things happen quickly, cheaply and collaboratively that can be of benefit to ourselves and other recent graduates and early career artists for whom there are few/no readily available spaces or opportunities to make and exhibit work.
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2020 screening of groundwork by Jan Hofer

Wooosh are Finlay J Hall, Jamie Donald & Jek McAllister

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