A text-based work made in situ at the Museum of Loss and Renewal, Collemacchia, Italy, April 2022.​​​​​​​
A transcription of the text in the following images can be found here.
Declaration is a series of 8 drafts of the same text, each offered as a contribution to the co-authored publication, Arms open, bellies full.
Prompted by The Museum of Loss and Renewal to consider an expanded definition of 'publishing' and what it means to 'go public', in the text I think through issues of discord, harmony, collaboration and articulation. The published texts function as both a document of the residency period and a personal therapeutic strategy, confronting inhibitions of both the voice and of writing.
Arms open, bellies full is a collection of audio-visual material collected and generated by the residency group in and around Collemacchia. Eight distinct copies were produced, each containing a single 'draft'.

With thanks to financial support from Creative Scotland / GENERATORprojects.
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